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About Us

Sette Mara

Sette Mara, the newest addition to the vibrant F&B offerings at The St. Regis Mumbai is a Lounge, Bar, and Kitchen, at Level 9M.

Sette Mara takes inspiration from the rich coastline, linking the vibrant culture of Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Persia, and Georgia. The menu is curated with deep nuances of aromatic spices and wholesome ingredients originating from The Levant. Extremely passionate and creative about their craft, the chefs have shaped the experience, preserving and celebrating the tradition of the community and family-sharing style of the Middle Eastern countries.  

The menu with ‘The Cold Kitchen' and ‘The Hot Kitchen', opens with appetizers of freshly tossed salads and tempting Mezzes that are crafted with a blend of contemporary and traditional recipes.  Cold and Hot Mezzes like Hummus Beiruti, Talatouri, Muhammarah, Garlic Labneh, Kataifi Prawns and Lamb and Bell Pepper Souvlaki begin your journey at Sette Mara.  ‘The Large Plates' with dishes like Israeli Cous Cous Risotto, Eggplant & Sweet Potato Moussaka, Salt Baked Whole Seabass, Braised Chicken Maqlouba and Dijaj Bil Sanieh are brought fragrant and steaming hot to the table.  The Mangal Grill, a traditional Middle Eastern charcoal grill, holds pride of place in the menu with a unique style of ‘grilling to perfection' mastered by the chefs of Sette Mara.  The soft and fluffy Georgian bread under the ‘The Khachapuri Bar' is aromatic and served freshly baked from the ‘Tone', a traditional stone oven. The menu closes with luscious desserts and house made ice-creams selections.

The energetic Bar and Lounge at Sette Mara features a collection of handcrafted artisanal cocktails and Negronis, freshly concocted by our interactive and spirited bartenders.  The Negroni, with equal parts Campari, Gin, and Sweet Vermouth are barrel aged and served from a barrel making the drink, bitter, sweet, dry, and refreshing all at once. The selection of a variety of cocktails like Oak Barrel Aged Negroni, The Luxury Boulevardier, Sette Mara Aromatic Spritz, Turkish Old Fashioned, and Crystal Truffle Negroni can be relished at Sette Mara.

Sette Mara is an exhilarating, vibrant, and energetic space set against the backdrop of deep, marine blues. From azure to Prussian blue, Chef Reuben's menu comes alive under the magnificent navigational constellation compass suspended above the dining area. The Lounge and Bar are reminiscent of the exciting Middle Eastern ports with burnished rust, burgundies, and cinnamon tones reflective of the precious cargo of spices, wines, and perfume. The intricate mural behind the long bar and the iconic motifs harken on the stories of dancing against flickering candlelight and unbelievable adventure in exotic locales.  

Welcome to Sette Mara.