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    A Middle Eastern Voyage
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    A Middle Eastern Voyage
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    A Middle Eastern Voyage
Since 2021
Sette Mara
A Middle Eastern Lounge, Bar & Kitchen set against the backdrop of marine blues & burgundies. Sette Mara at The St. Regis Mumbai showcases deep nuances of aromatic spices & ingredients from the Levant and a collection of signature negronis and artisanal cocktails by our spirited bartenders.
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    Terrazas Wines and tasteful tapas come together to create a melange of flavors. All through October 2023. 


The energetic Bar and Lounge at Sette Mara features a collection of handcrafted artisanal cocktails and Negronis, freshly concocted by our interactive and spirited bartenders. The Negroni, with equal parts Campari, Gin, and Sweet Vermouth are barrel aged and served from a barrel making the drink, bitter, sweet, dry, and refreshing - all at once. The selection of a variety of cocktails like Oak Barrel Aged Negroni, The Luxury Boulevardier, Sette Mara Aromatic Spritz, Turkish Old Fashioned, and Crystal Truffle Negroni can be savored at Sette Mara